Marin Attorneys provide estate planning services

Whether you have a generous estate or a small one, we will help you create a personalized plan that addresses your lifetime well-being and directs the ultimate disposition of your wealth.

We explain every step and develop enduring documents that accurately express your intentions.

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Marin attorneys provide probate and trust administration services

The distribution of your assets is best guided by your estate plan which may be expressed in your Will or your Trust Agreement.

Our attorneys will help you prepare your Will and discuss ways legally to avoid the requirement for probating of your estate.

If probate is necessary, we will help you complete the process as quickly as possible.

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Marin attorneys provide conservatorship services

Adults who cannot care for themselves or manage their finances may be provided with a court-supervised Conservator.

A Conservator can make medical decisions, handle the finances, make investments and protect the client from personal mistreatment, fraud or thievery.

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